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Japanese garden, Wittisheim, France


6 japanese garden, space to calm your mind and contemplate.

The gardens are open for the public with a teahouse to enjoy the sight together with an excellent tea.

The layout of the Japanese gardens in Alsace offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the fascination and serenity of nature. A total of six unique Japanese gardens are open to the public and invite you to immerse yourself in a world of peace and contemplation.

These six Japanese gardens are not only for visual pleasure, but also as retreats to quiet the mind and meditate. A tea house in the middle of the grounds allows visitors not only to admire the beauty of the gardens, but also to find inspiration. Each of the gardens tells its own story, reflecting the thoughts of visitors and helping to calm the mind. The gardens change with the rhythm of the seasons, creating a fascinating play of depth and breadth.

Surrounded by a bamboo forest, the gardens exude a calming atmosphere while conveying the feeling of a hidden treasure. This combination of artful design, natural splendour and meditative mood makes the Japanese gardens in Alsace a unique place of relaxation and stimulation. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stillness of nature, to clear the mind and to experience the harmonious connection between man and nature in a very special way.




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