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Corredor Verde   |  2015, 2016

Cali, Colombia

intervention for integrated urban renewal and contemplated to change the current dynamics of the city, through the recovery and renewal of the 23 kilometers of the old railroad that crosses the city of Cali. It seeks to achieve this through three items: (i) mobility, aimed at promoting the development of cycle paths and a continuous and safe pedestrian network; and implement a system of low-emission transport, environmentally friendly and have inter-connectivity Cali communicating with the neighboring municipalities of Jamundi, Yumbo and Palmira becoming a part of a continuous network of 65 kilometers; environment, focused on the construction of a large linear park that crosses the entire city, protecting the ecosystem or ecological environment and restore five of the seven rivers of Cali;  recreation and creation of a network of multi-purpose public spaces, promoting mixed land uses and re densification strategy, which is complemented with equipment and furnishings.

The green corridor through the city of Cali from north to south to east and center, directly impacting 11 communes (approximately 1.1 million), and indirectly benefit all the people of Cali and surrounding municipalities (more than 3 million people) because of its mobility strategy and environment, focusing on reducing greenhouse gases and travel times

team GIB  global Infrastructure, Basel

Marco Grossmann

Ford Stiftung, SECO

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